PRORATIO, s.r.o.
V Uličkách 4
CZ - 257 21 Poříčí nad Sázavou

PRORATIO, s.r.o.
Sedlecká 570 (areál KDS)
CZ - 264 01 Sedlčany

SKP Technik GmbH
Industriestraße 4
D – 91077 Neunkirchen am Brand



Assembly of electrical or mechanical components with a high share of manual or semi-mechanical work (e.g. selector switches, acoustic modules, sensors, connectors, etc.).

  • Individual parts, e.g. selector switches, are mutually assembled with the help of a jig, they are connected e.g. by injection moulding and then they are tested.
  • Installations of printed circuits into capsules, additional soldering of conductors and subsequent final installation.
  • Highly sensitive sensors and devices are installed in plastic mouldings and encapsulated with the help of epoxy resin.
  • End testing with the help of computer measurement stations.