PRORATIO, s.r.o.
V Uličkách 4
CZ - 257 21 Poříčí nad Sázavou

PRORATIO, s.r.o.
Sedlecká 570 (areál KDS)
CZ - 264 01 Sedlčany

SKP Technik GmbH
Industriestraße 4
D – 91077 Neunkirchen am Brand



Company Proratio,s.r.o. engaged in the manufacturing and assembly of cable harnesses, manufacturing and completion of electromechanical assemblies, assembly of printed boards, manufacturing of parts and assemblies for audio and communication systems. In order to ensure long-term prosperity of Proratio, s.r.o., the company management declares this Policy. Our main aim is satisfaction of our customers and environment-friendly production.

The subject matter of continual improvement must be in particular:

  1. Quality of products - i.e. compliance with customer requirements (applicable technical documentation). Creation of conditions for work without errors.
  2. Fulfilment of term requirements of customers.
  3. Production associated with low cost incurred (efficiency of processes).
  4. Occupational health and safety.
  5. Protection of the environment (especially in terms of consumption of electricity and production of dangerous waste).

For support of this Policy the company management undertakes:

  1. To prefer prevention to solution of problems which have already occurred.
  2. To ensure permanent conformity with the currently applicable standard IATF 16949 and ISO 14001, specific requirements of customers, legal and other binding requirements.
  3. To ensure personnel, technical and other sources necessary for fulfilment of the goals and effective operation of processes.
  4. To create presumptions for increase in qualification and motivation levels of employees (to appreciate willingness to cooperation and involvement in the process of improvement).

The company management expects the employees:

  1. To adhere to the declared principles and procedures
  2. To work on development of suppliers (including internal ones) through precise and timely reporting of requirements and checking of their fulfilment
  3. To increase qualification in accordance with requirements of the corresponding job positions.
  4. To get involved in the continual improvement process.
  5. To adhere to principles of appropriate presentation towards customers and the public.
  6. To respect confidentiality in the matters regarding the interests of the company and customers.
  7. Secure keeping of records required to demonstrate the fulfillment of mandatory requirements (legal requirements, customer requirements, IATF 16949 etc ...). Records must be stored in such a way as to prevent their depreciation, premature disposal or theft. Easy accessibility and reporting ability must be ensured. After the deadline has passed, records must be disposed of in a manner that prevents them from being misused (eg by competitors).