PRORATIO, s.r.o.
V Uličkách 4
CZ - 257 21 Poříčí nad Sázavou

PRORATIO, s.r.o.
Sedlecká 570 (areál KDS)
CZ - 264 01 Sedlčany

SKP Technik GmbH
Industriestraße 4
D – 91077 Neunkirchen am Brand



Proratio, s.r.o. will ensure for you, through our purchase team, all necessary material, according to your requirements and specifications. You will simply send your order of material or finished products and we will take care of all other things. This means for us savings of the costs associated with storage, as well as time savings connected with the searching for acquisition and processing of materials. The network of our suppliers is very well developed and it has been stable for many years.

A matter-of-course is also an alternative option of use of our own materials, if you wish so.

Our customers have also a possibility, through our team, of sorting, packing and shipment of materials according to their requirements with delivery to end customers according to their wish. And all of this is carried out in a fully reliable way and in time, either through our own company vehicles or with the use of services of external logistic partners, under common price-advantageous conditions in the country in question. This way we guarantee the rate and flexibility of supplies.